I (co-)teach courses of the Bachelor-Curriculum Architecture, as well as electives and design courses of the Master Programme Architecture. Moreover, I have a core teaching functionality in the Master Programme Building Science and Technology. Furthermore, several of courses co-taught by me focus on so-called transferable skills, thus open to all students and useful for their curricular needs fulfillments. Discourse with students happens at most in the smaller scale seminars and design studios. However, I am proud of all the motivated students at the TU Wien, who show devotion and interest to the domains I am involved in as a university teacher and researcher. I strongly believe that high-quality teaching requires time and effort by all involved – teachers and students – and that we should make the best out of the digital opportunities we were required to utilize due to the COVID19 pandemic. As such, a strong “digital” component, at least as ressource repository, is involved in all courses i co-teach.

My courses focus on Building Physics, Building Construction, Building Performance Assessment, scientific basics, (human and building) ecology, and related topics.

Courses by semester

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