About me

I am a Senior Researcher at the TU Wien, VIenna Austria at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning. I studied Architecture (Graduation 01/2011), pursued a PhD in Building Science (Promotion 09/2014) and have been actively involved in a large number of research and teaching activities since then. My professional career at the TU Wien already started back in 2002, when I started to work as a teaching assistent / student collaborator at the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology.

My research interests include Building Physics, Building Ecology, Building Construction, Building Performance Evaluation and Simulation, Building Informatics and history and cultural aspects of buildings. Beside these, I pursue a set of other activities in view of broadening my own Worldview, scientific scope and doing this by pursuing non-AEC-interests, such as social sciencies, computer sciences, and economy.

I am an active member in a number of intra- and extra-university committees, such as the Dean’s advisory committee (Fakultätsrat), the TU Wien Senate, different career and professorship admission procedures, and Ă–NORM.

My teaching activities include undergraduate and graduate, as well as post-graduate courses in Architecture and Building Science, as well as Design Studios. I am interested in working with motivated students for thesis work in my resarch domains.

Ulrich Pont